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General info about Croatia
This is useful info for travellers to Croatia


A full passport is required to visit Croatia. Holders of UK, EC countries, USA, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand passports require no visa to visit Croatia for stay up to 3 months. Holders of other countries, please check with the Croatian Embassy for up to date requirements address:

21, Conway Street, Fitzroy Square London W1T 6BN Tel: 020 7387 2022 Addresses of foreign embassies in Croatia: British - Vlaska 121/III 10000 Zagreb Tel (01) 4555 310 USA Andrije Hebranga 2-4, 10000 Zagreb. Tel (01) 4555 500 Australia Hotel "Intercontinental" Isidora Krsnjavoga 1, 10000 Zagreb Tel (01) 4891 200 Canada Prilaz Gjure Dezelica 4, 1000 Zagreb Tel: (01) 4881 200

Money          [top]

Croatian currency is KUNA (KN). Kuna is devided into 100 lipa. You can exchange Sterling (both cash and travellers cheques) into KUNA at exchange offices, banks, post offices, travel agencies, hotels, camps, marinas and at airports. Most larger cities and resorts offer ATM (cash dispenser ) facilities.

Credit Cards: Most major credit cards are accepted in hotels, larger shops and many restaurants, although VISA is not as widely accepted as you might expect.  Mastercard and AMEX seem to be widely accepted. Foreign currency can be freely brought in and out of the country but there is a limit for Kuna (presently maximum 2,000)

Health and Medical          [top]

There are no special requirements for inoculations to visit Croatia. In general the standard of public health and hospital services is good, although some of the more expensive Western drugs are sometimes in short supply. Tap water is drinkable in all parts of Croatia. Presently, hospital treatment is free to citizens of most EU countries, including the UK and Irish nationals. Citizens of other countries should check the position with health care in Croatia. For minor health complaints help can be obtained from a pharmacy (ljekarna). All cities and major resorts will have at least one pharmacy open at night time, holidays and weekends.

Shops and Offices - opening hours          [top]

Shops are open from 08.00 to 20.00 hours.
Public services and offices works from 08.00 - 16.00 hours from Monday to Friday.
Post offices are open from 07.00 to 19.00 hours. Saturdays and Sundays.
Post offices in major cities and in larger tourist resorts are open from 07.00 until 22.00 hours.

Telephone          [top]

Direct dial code: 00385 followed by the local city code (omitting zero) and subscribers number.

In Croatia all public telephones accept phone cards only. These can be purchased from post offices and in newspaper kiosks.

Important telephone numbers: Ambulance service: 94 , Fire brigade: 93 , Police: 92.

If you are taking your mobile telephone check with your service provider for network coverage - and don't forget to take the charger with continental adapter.

Voltage          [top]

220 - 240 (continental adapters may be necessary to use your appliances wired for British standard.) Nimue is 240v wired for French plugs with UK adaptors aboard. For use only in marinas when connected to the shore supply.

National holidays          [top]

Easter Monday, 1st May - Labour Day, 9th May - Ascension Day, 22nd June - Antifascism Day, 25th June National Day, 5th August - National Thanksgiving Day, 15th August - The Assumption, 8th October - Independence Day.

Driving          [top]

To enter Croatia drivers must be in possession of valid driving licence, vehicle registration document and green card (evidence of insurance.) Apart from several stretches of motorways connecting major inland cities, roads are single carriageway and in satisfactory condition. During the summer peak months the roads are clogged with holiday traffic- especially the Adriatic coastal road (Jadranska Magistrala). This and many other busy roads become slippery when wet, during and after rainfall. Please take extra care, remember to cut your speed and avoid overtaking.

The permitted speed within residential areas is 50 kph , other roads 80 kph and on motorways 130 kph. Petrol stations are opened from 07.00 - 22.00 hours in summer. Petrol stations in major cities and along major international roads are open 24 hours.

Available petrol includes non-leaded Eurosuper 95, Super 98, Normal and Euro Diesel fuel. Permitted quantity of alcohol in blood: 0.5 per ml. Use of safety belts is obligatory for the driver and co-driver, as well as the back seats if the belts are fitted.

Road assistance: Automobile breakdown service telephone: 987. Croatia AA club telephone: 01 4554 433.

Weather forecast and road conditions telephone: 060 520 520.

Accident procedure: Place the triangle sign behind the vehicle/s involved in accident Advise the police (tel. 92) and wait for their arrival. For any damage to vehicle it is obligatory to obtain from police a certificate listing the damage and circumstances.

Public transport          [top]

For moving from one place to another we would recommend the public bus service which is a good standard, cheap and usually frequent. The services are run by a array of competing companies, but well integrated and organised. The buses (autobus) are in most cases modern comfortable coaches. Tickets must be purchased before departure , usually from bus station ticket windows. It is advisable to buy a ticket in advance particularly in summer for journeys from Zagreb to the coast.

Examples of Intercity coach service timetables from ZAGREB to:
Rijeka: departure every two hours. Journey time 3 hours / cost 6.00
Pula: departure every two hours. Journey time 4 hours / cost 7.00
Split: departure every hour. Journey time 6-7 hours / cost 9.00
Dubrovnik: 4 departures daily. Journey time 11 hours / cost 12.00
Osjek: 4 departures daily. Journey time up to 10 hours/ cost 7.00
Plitvice Lakes: departure every two hours. Journey time 3 hours / cost 6.00
Sarajevo: 4-5 departures daily. Journey time 5 hours/cost 7.00
Ljubljana: 3-4 departures daily. Journey time 2hours/ cost 14.00
Zagreb Central Coach Station: Information tel : 00385 60 313333 / and 00385 60 34 0340
Reservations: Domestic service tel: 00385 1 6157 986
International service tel: 00385 1 6157 983
Croatiabus tel : 00385 1 6157 966

From Split to:          [top]

Zagreb: departure every hour. Journey time 6-7 hours / cost 9.00.
Dubrovnik: departure every hour. Journey time 4 hours / cost 7.00.
Medjugorje: several departures daily Rijeka departure every hour. Journey time 5 hours / cost 8.00.

From Dubrovnik to:          [top]

Makarska, Split, Sibenik and Rijeka departure every hour.
Medjugorje: several departures daily

Travelling by trains          [top]

Avoid local trains unless you intend to use the Express and the fast direct services which link all major cities (increased frequency in summer months). These services operate between Zagreb - Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Sibenik and Split. There is no service to Dubrovnik. Rail information/ reservation tel: 00385 1 4553 238 / and 00385 1 45573 253.

Travelling by air          [top]

Croatia Airlines operate domestic service connecting Zagreb with Pula , Rijeka, Zadar, Split, Brac and Dubrovnik. Croatia Airlines information/reservation tel: 00385 1 487 2727.
Airport telephone numbers: Zagreb 01 6265 222, Split 021 203 171, Dubrovnik 020 773 377, Rijeka 051 842 132, Zadar 023 313 311, Pula 052 550 926, Brac 021 648 615.

Ferry Service:          [top]

Jadrolinija, the state ferry company, operate a regular international car and passenger ferry service between Italy and Croatia. From Ancona to Zadar and to Split and from Bari to Dubrovnik In addition, this company operates a regular coastal car ferry service from Rijeka to Dubrovnik calling at Zadar, Split, Hvar and Korcula on the way, and from Dubrovnik to Rijeka calling at the same ports. The journey one way takes just under 24 hours. This is good way to see and enjoy the Croatian coast.

Jadrolinija mainland to islands car ferry service:          [top]

Pula - Mali Losinj, Brestova (Istrian peninsula) - Cres and Losinj, Jablanac - Misnjak/Rab, Zadar - Dugi Otok, Split - Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korcula Vela Luka, Lastovo, Makarska - Brac, Drvenik - Hvar, Dubrovnik - Mljet , Korcula, Lopud, Sipan and Kolocep.
Jadrolinija information: tel: 00 385 (0) 51 666 100 / and 211 444

Eating and Drinking:          [top]

Lunch and dinner

Establishments serving main meals are: restoran (restaurant), konoba (tavern type of restaurant) and gostiona (inn) and pizzeria.

A full restaurant menu (jelovnik) will list: Starters (predjelo) usually prsut - home cured ham and cheese (sir). Choice of soups (juha) clear and light soup and cream soup (krem juha) much thicker vegetable soup, pasta and rise dishes.

Main dishes consists of grilled and pan - fried pork or veal chop (kotlet) or fillett (odrezak.) Becki odrezak - fried Wiener schnitzell in breadcrumbs, Pariski odrezak - ( parisienne schnitzell ) fried in batter and Zagrebacki schnitzell staffed with cheese and ham.

Mjesano meso - mixed grill. Janjetina - usually cuts from grilled whole sheep roasted over the open fire.

On the Adriatic coast the sea food menus offer: Starters salata od hobotnice - octopus salad, salata od jastoga - small portion of lobster flesh seasoned with olive oil and herbs. Riba na zaru (grilled fish), riba u pecnici (baked fish) and riba leso (boiled fish,) ligne na zaru ( grilled squid) and risoto od liganja - (risotto of squid.) More expensive resaurants offer specialities like rakovica - (crab), ostrige (oysters) skampi (scampi) and jastog (lobster.) Salads usually include zelena salata - green salad and mjesana salata - mixed salad, also krastavci - gherkins and paprika - pickled peppers.

Typical menu for desserts lists: sladoled - ice cream, torta - cake, palacinke - pancakes and rozata - cream caramel.

Drinking          [top]

Pivo - beer mostly light lager variety, better brands are called Karlovacko and Ozujsko pivo.

Vino - wine. Croatia produces many great wines of which the best known are : Vrbnik, Vugava, Kastelet, Grk and Posib all medium dry whites. Dingac, Babic, Primosten and Viski Plavac and Teran all red wines.

Zestoka pica - spirits served up and down the country include lozovaca made from grapes, sljivovica - plum brandy, viljamovka - pear brandy, travarica - made from herbs, pelinkovac - juniper based spirit, vinjak - locally produced cognac, maraskino made from cherries.