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Dubrovnik - the Beaches

Lapad Bay Beaches

Several wonderful beaches are located in part of Dubrovnik called Lapad. Lapad is a peninsula holding the most beautiful outer walls part of Dubrovnik, with a heavenly bay, Lapad bay (Uvala Lapad) in which all these beaches are located. Lapad bay has a long boulevard with many coffee bars where one can refresh himself during the summer days. Beaches are located at the end of this boulevard. First beach is called Uvala Lapad or Uvala (meaning Bay).

It is a sandy beach offering many things. If you just like to sit and enjoy the view there are a beach restaurant and coffee bars. For those who want to lie down and enjoy in the sun, easy chairs can be rented, and if it becomes to hot, beach umbrellas are for rent too. Next beach on your left side is the Adriatic beach. Adriatic beach also has all commodities like other beaches, and it is suitable for those who don't like sand or pebbles, because it is made of concrete. It is very pleasant and truly romantic small beach. Beach Vis I is a beach right next to the Adriatic beach. It is a pebble beach. You can find a beach restaurant and a coffee bar on this beach, and cocktail parties are organized on the beach almost every day. For those who like kayaking, there are kayaks and beach canoes for rent. You can rent one and row around and visit all beaches in Lapad Bay. Near the Vis I beach is the Splendid beach. It is very small and attractive pebble beach surrounded by rocks, for those who seek privacy. When you pass beach Splendid you will come across beach Vila. It is an attractive sandy beach, especially for the youth. This beach is suitable for playing picigin, game often played on beaches. Beach next to the Vila is Vis II. It is small rocky beach also with some concrete surfaces. If you like Jet Ski you can rent one here and go for a ride along coast and see beauty of Lapad Bay. Except of beautiful beaches, Lapad has many other attractive places. If you like playing beach volleyball or tennis there are many courts in Lapad on which these sports can be played. Courts are located on beaches or near them so you can refresh yourselves in the sea after playing. Across the bay, on the opposite side of all these beaches there is a beautiful walkway for romantic and peaceful walks, connected to the before mentioned boulevard. It is a path which leads all around Lapad peninsula and that is probably the most beautiful path for walking in Dubrovnik. From this walkway, is an excellent view of all Lapad bay beaches. Small island Daksa can also be seen.

Banje Beach                    [top]

Banje, the most famous Dubrovnik beach seems like providence. This divine pebble beach is located near the entrance gate to the Old Town. Banje beach offers laying down, relaxing, in a deck chair under a sun umbrella, enjoying an amazing view while ordering a cool drink from a beach bar.

If you feel up to it you could rent a pedal boat and take it on a ride beside the city walls or to Lokrum. For those who like adrenaline rising, renting a Jet Ski would be challenging or even taking a parachute ride featuring an unforgettable city view. After the sunset, Banje beach offers something new, an exciting night out experience in cocktail bar.

St. Jakov Beach

One of the most attractive beaches in Dubrovnik, Sv. Jakov (St. James), found its place on a solitude spot in a high rising cove beneath the beautiful church and abbey of St. James. It is a pebble beach with a tremendous view on Dubrovnik and the Lokrum Island.

From Jakov beach, Dubrovnik and Lokrum seem so close, like on a platter, a unique Dubrovnik experience. When you grow tired of swimming and enjoying the blue Adriatic Sea on Sv. Jakov beach you can join a volleyball game on the beach court. Those who like kayaking can rent a beach canoe. Jet Ski lovers can rent a jet ski and enjoy a ride at the sea. Others can leisure on the beach under the warm Mediterranean sun or take cover in the shade of a lovely beach bar.

Hotel president beach                      [top]

President beach is located in a part of Dubrovnik called Babin Kuk, just in front of hotel President. It is a beautiful beach with great view on Elaphite Islands and especially on island of Daksa, small island situated at the sea entrance in Gruz, Dubrovnik's port. President is very attractive large beach near the Neptun beach.

The beach has a sandy and pebble beach part, and another part is made of concrete. If you want to eat ice-cream or drink something to refresh yourselves there is a beach coffee bar. One can sit there, listen to nice music and enjoy watching beautiful blue sea and green islands. If you just want to lie down on the sun you can rent a deck chair and beach umbrella. There are also jet-skies for rent here. For those who like slower ride rowing beach canoes are also for rent. You can row all around Babin Kuk and see the beautiful Dubrovnik coast.
For those who like long walks there is a path which leads all around from Lapad Bay and connects it with Neptun beach, President beach and Copacabana beach. It is a great place for walks in the late afternoon. When you visit Dubrovnik you should take a walk along this interesting path and see all these great beaches whilst enjoying Dubrovnik's fresh sea air.

Hotel Neptun beach

Neptun is a beach in front of Dubrovnik's hotel Neptun. For those who like rocky beaches this is a perfect place. This hotel beach is quite exceptional as you can find your own isolated spot on the beach and feel as if there is no one around for miles and still have the advantage of being able to refresh yourselves, in an instant as there is a beach restaurant and a coffee bar on the beach.

If you like laying on the beach and sun bathing you can rent an easy chair and enjoy your day at the beach in front of the two sea pools situated on the Neptun beach. Beach Neptun has great view on Elaphite islands and the open sea, Hotel Palace and its beach. Finally in the evening one can sit on the hotel terrace and enjoy the calm of candlelight night in Dubrovnik.

Copacabana beach                            [top]

Copacabana is a beach located on Lapad peninsula, in a part of Dubrovnik called Babin Kuk. The beach has a direct view to a remarkable Dubrovnik bridge and beautiful Daksa island, part of the Elaphite Islands. Copacabana is an attractive pebble and concrete beach with a huge offer for your enjoyment. One can rent a kayak and go with it all around Babin Kuk, and the whole Lapad coastline.

For a fast and cool ride, you can rent a jet-ski. There is also a ski, banana and a parachute boat ride for rent. Parachute ride is exceptionally popular as you can catch the whole panorama of this magnificent part of Dubrovnik for that unforgettable feeling.
For children there are sea slide chutes on the beach and the grown ups can rest in a beach bar or a beach restaurant. For old people and people with disabilities there is a lift on the concrete part of the beach that provides a way for getting in and out of the sea. Copacabana has its own water polo summer court, where some of the "Divlja Liga" (Wild League - a league of Dubrovnik beach teams) matches take place, a sort of a local attraction during the summer months.
In the evening Copacabana transforms in a place to go out as the beach bar serves drinks and cocktails and there is a small discotheque in one of the beach buildings.

Buza Beach                               [top]

Little door in The City walls, the door of St. Stjepan opens a view to white rocks, blue sea and Lokrum Island in direct vicinity. St. Stjepan door brings you to Buza, a bathing spot on the stony slopes under the City walls at the southern part of The City. A spot is easily reached by using any of the streets behind the Dubrovnik’s Cathedral.

During the summer a beach bar is opened for the refreshment to fight back the swelter and in the evening hours the whole place is transformed with the reddish flame of torches into a romantic oasis of converse.

Bellevue Beach

Bellevue beach is situated in the lovely Miramar bay in front of hotel Bellevue in Dubrovnik. Beach is a very attractive small bay. There is a beach restaurant where you can refresh yourselves and recharge your batteries. Bellevue is a pebble beach with some sands.

It is best to spend your mornings on this beach because then it is very sunny and pleasant. Because of cliffs and rocks that surround the beach there is not much sun in the afternoon hours. Dubrovnik's water polo "Wild League" games are played on this beach, a traditional league played by teams each representing one of Dubrovnik’s beaches. These games are always very interesting and even funny. There are lots of supporters on stands cheering for their beach and atmosphere is better then on official water polo games. Sometimes you can see excellent players and great moves, but sometimes, what is even better, you can see clumsy and humorous players which are playing only for the fun and to make the audience laugh. Therefore, even if you don't like water polo you should visit these games on Bellevue beach and it is guaranteed that you'll have a great time.

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