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Basic Facts
Location and size
The city of Dubrovnik is situated in the very south of the Republic of Croatia. It occupies an area of 364.05 square kilometers, extending from the Duboka Ljuta gorge in the east, near the village of Plat, to Imotica in the west - a distance of 53 kilometers.

The city of Dubrovnik is surrounded by a group of Islands known as the Elaphite archipelago (Sipan, Lopud, Kolocep(Kalamota), Tajan, Olipa, Jakljan and Daksa).

The population of 55,638 is distributed over the area at 35 locations with 17,480 households, and with an average density of 152 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Croatian is the official language spoken in Dubrovnik. English is taught as a second language in schools. Other international languages are also fluently spoken.

The geographical position of the area is typical of a Mediterranean or 'estasian' climate with mild and damp winters, and hot dry summers with quite low air humidity (approx. 2,600 sunny hours).
The average annual precipitation is 1,250 mm.

The average air temperature is 17C and the summer sea temperature is approx 21C. A maximum variation of 4C is very beneficial for overall general health. There are many sunny days during the winter months.

The gentle Maestral wind - the messenger of lovely weather, refreshes the average summer temperature of 25C.
The Bura and Jugo winds prevail during the cooler months.

Flora & Fauna
There is a wealth of contrast with the many bays, beaches, steep cliffs and densely wooded islands.

There is a rich variety of flora: cypress, pine, olive groves, vineyards, and lemon and orange plantations - together with aromatic herbs and flowers, plus exotic plants, such as palm trees, agave and cactus, which create a unique atmosphere. Nature lovers can discover a true Mediterranean landscape. Sailors will enjoy the many marinas and crystal blue sea.

Rich Cultural heritage
Dubrovnik, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, is rich in cultural and historical monuments. There is also the annual Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

The city is also the venue for numerous scientific, scholarly and literary conferences (PEN in 1933 and 1993), as well as international tourism congresses (ASTA, FUAAV, DRV, SNAV, etc.).

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